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AutopilotHQ Inc.(FREE)


Autopilot is a multi-channel advertising and marketing app, which gives businesses a definitive inauguration between automatic marketing, yet patron kinship management. Due according to solid, star-based totally flexible features, Autopilot is proper in imitation of every business, regardless of size and industry. Aside beyond multi-channel advertising journeys, agencies can usage Autopilot in imitation of capture leads out of populated forms, automate emails, consider vacationer activities among real-time, then gain a high return on investments through making use of the platform’s insightful reporting tools.

Autopilot lets agencies overall sizes automate and tune advertising activities via online than offline channels. With Autopilot you can chart each touch-point throughout the consumer lifecycle. Business relation perform lie organized, segmented then built-in including cutting-edge structures already of place. It is dead effortless in conformity with setup, makes use of or implements.

Multi-channel Marketing Journeys

Abe oversea characteristic concerning Autopilot is the way so it does improve multi-channel advertising and marketing Journeys between rule in conformity with secure messages are despatched in imitation of the correct recipients at the correct time. With Marketing Journeys, you perform send customized messages, then additionally construct workflows or methods between Salesforce. To setup, propagate or put up you preceding Marketing Journey, thou may utilize Autopilot’s drag-and-drop Journey canvas. This is an easy interface to that amount allows ye in imitation of format a software beside scratch yet select an application besides a series of ‘best practice’ programs.

Insights & Reporting

Autopilot’s Insights and Reporting equipment are a notable way in imitation of measuring the usefulness regarding your automated advertising program. These tools allow thou in accordance with discerning income impacts, view trends, yet glance atop summaries concerning the person or email overall performance data. All facts are furnished in real-time, then you are able in imitation of at once notice proviso some modifications according to your advertising and marketing program are abject a have an effect on concerning the activity of thine website. Any reports perform lie filtered by date range, Marketing Journeys yet singular email contact points.


Autopilot has a huge organize over third birthday party integrations available. These integrations ensure Autopilot is a becoming app for organizations concerning every size, beyond more than a few industries, notwithstanding the advertising and marketing or CRM systems as presently may keep of place. Supported integrations include Lob, Salesforce, Segment, or Twilio.


Autopilot usage a contribution pricing model, along with a broad analysis available. There are pair pricing plans to pick out from: Base or Business. The Base Plan expenses $20 through the month, postulate paid annually, yet $25 if paid monthly. For that, thou arrive because above in conformity with 1,000 contacts, yet such includes unbounded emails, multi-channel journeys by way of email, SMS, in-app messaging, and postcards. You additionally get reporting, segmentation, yet integrations including Slack and Zapier.

The Business Plan fees $40 per month condition paid annually, then $50 salvo paid monthly. For it charge thou arrive above in accordance with 1,000 contacts, or such includes Salesforce CRM integration, integration, get right of entry to Autopilot's API, A/B split testing or access after in-app experience reviews.

Autopilot offers a scalable, subscription-based pricing mannequin as is namely flexible as much thy businesses growth. The proper factor touching Autopilot is as thou solely deliver because of what thou need, and infinite emails are included, regardless of as sketch thou use.

Bottom Line

Overall, Autopilot presents a vivid end-to-end advertising automation tribune so is in a position in imitation of assign you income yet advertising and marketing teams ease in conformity with work their jobs. It uses an intuitive drag and decrease interface to that amount is convenient to navigate or perform remain aged by means of some crew members, no depend on where that is. Autopilot comes together with exorcism marketing campaign administration features, ROI reporting, then such additionally incorporates personalized offline or mobile touch-points. With built-in integrations in conformity with marketing, conduct intelligence, messaging, yet CRM tools Autopilot makes that effortless because thine commercial enterprise after accept with leads or clients consistently, using a range of communications. 

Please Note: This is only a trial version. we Provide Trial Versions Only! 
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