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EasyMorph is a data manipulation device as helps transform and analyze facts shortly into a visible way. You are able layout facts transformations including EasyMorph faster, compared in accordance with literature scripts in guide scripting languages.

Key Features include:
  • Command row dye Run EasyMorph tasks out of the arrange line. Integrate EasyMorph including enterprise ETL tools then ignoble applications.
  • Auto-documentation EasyMorph mechanically generates a readable formatted account of entire changing good judgment in lucid English.
  • Import yet Export EasyMorph lets you merge information beyond quite a number of sources. Export metamorphosis results, salvo needed. The contemporary listing about supported statistics sources consists of Native DB access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL yet SQLite.
  • 30+ transformations You don't bear in imitation of hold programming then SQL abilities namely EasyMorph offers 30+ built-in transformations as permit designing a transformation common sense regarding almost someone complexity.
  • EasyMorph approves ye after seriously change data visually, in contrast to SQL, Visual Basic, Python, SAS, then Qlik. It does this by using making use of filter and be a part of operations to data, foot via step. EasyMorph stores entire intermediate estimate results, so at anybody moment thou be able to click on someone transform footsie then rapidly parley the result.

EasyMorph has an intuitive interface to that amount may effortlessly keep navigated by means of users over every degree concerning the expertise. Just the same so between spreadsheets, the text then numbers can stay blended among the equal column. Simultaneously EasyMorph operates as a database, where tables perform lie filtered, merged (joined) and aggregated correctly also if table altar changes. These purposes allow because robust, obvious then error-proof spreadsheet data technology with absence chance on errors.

Overall, brainchild information transformations together with EasyMorph is a big tool in imitation of usage namely it's a great deal faster than easier, compared after writing scripts or macros. 

Please Note: This is only a trial version. we Provide Trial Versions Only! 
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